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Womyn's Centre


The Womyn’s Centre
308 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON. K1S 5B6
613-520-2600 x.2712
The Womyn’s Centre is
located on the third floor
of the University Centre
across from the Race,
Ethnicity & Cultural Hall.
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The Womyn’s Centre provides students with a grassroots feminist space which takes pride in upholding a critical standard with the intent to build solidarity on our university campus. Our space is used for a variety of purposes, firstly it is a space where folks can gather, talk, exchange ideas, and gain support. Don’t let the name fool you though, the Womyn’s Centre is a space for those who identify as womyn but also anyone interested in gendered based issues.

The centre also provides folks with an extensive resource library on womyn and gendered issues, directories and referral services, peer support, as well as hosts a number of events. The centre also demonstrates strong lobbying efforts dedicated to demystifying our gendered society through educational and advocacy campaigns such as the ‘No Means No Campaign to End Sexual Violence’. As well as exciting events such as ‘The Colourful
Vagina’ which is an event where all who identify as female showcase their talent, creativity, and culture.

Our centre also offers a unique ‘womyn only’ back space which can be used as a prayer space, study space, for breast feeding, crisis/peer support, or a space to rest if you are ill. We encourage you not to leave Carleton without taking advantage of such an amazing centre!

Our Story

The CUSA Womyn’s Centre was opened in the fall of 1976. It came into existence as a result of the actions of a group of female students, who hoped that the increased attention on the status of women produced by the declaration of the United Nations Decade for Women would translate into action at Carleton University. The Womyn’s Centre provided them with a forum to translate their concern for the inequities women face in their lives, and focus particularly on the needs of women at Carleton.

Over the years the Womyn’s Centre has been active in lobbying the administration on a number of important issues concerning women such as better lighting, access to reproductive health information, more effective sexual harassment policies, and greater funding for Women Studies courses.

There have been gains made since 1976, but the omissions, distortions and inequalities women continue to face demonstrate the need for our continued efforts.

Why the “y”?
The collective choose the current spelling of the Womyn’s Centre’s name to fight the historical oppression represented in spelling “women” as a derivative of the term “men.” “Womyn” is still read the same, yet has the power to be much more inclusive and empowering for all.


The Womyn’s Center provides numerous resources for students at Carleton. We invite you to come and take advantage!

Back Space
The centre has an additional back-space which students who identify as female may use for crisis peer support, breastfeeding, prayer, napping or to max ’n relax. Available on a priority basis, it’s important to be sensitive to the needs of others.

Because When It’s That Time of Month…
We’ve all been there. You’re going about your day, doing your thing, and then BAM! You need a tampon, a pad, something, and it seems as if every female you come into contact with have all just run out. Never fear, the Womyn’s Centre is here! Supplied with tampons, pads, Advil and a stocked first aid kit the centre is here to aid your pre, post, and current menstrual and health needs.

The library includes books, magazines, journal articles and reference materials. Topics range from feminist theory to women and work to women and spirituality. The variety of topics available make the library a useful tool whether you’re looking for a quick, interesting read or material for a research paper.

We offer referral services for student’s facing gendered violence, body image issues, and sexual harassment. In addition we provide women with pregnancy support in a non-judgmental manner. We also provide valuable resources regarding access to childcare, and other parenting resources.

The plethora of pamphlets when you walk in the door provides information on a variety of services to connect you to off-campus and on-campus organizations that suit your needs. Topics include Abuse, AIDS/HIV, Addiction, Bisexual/ Lesbian Women, Childcare, Health and Healing, Menstruation/Menopause, Reproductive Choice, Sexual Assault and Violence Against Women. As always, if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask one of the coordinators or volunteers.

Support Groups
Support groups offer women the opportunity to exchange dialogue and share their experiences in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. Established on a demand basis potential support groups may be available for:
• Sexual assault survivors
• Single mothers

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